Environmental & Toxic Torts

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The Environmental team of DiFrancesco Bateman has diverse, broad-based experience that enables it to provide advice to our clients in dealing with environmental issues and advocating for our clients in litigating disputes involving environmental issues. We have both public and private sector experience, and have developed strong working ties with the regulatory agencies affecting our clients. In the litigation arena, we have been extensively involved in advocating on behalf of potentially responsible parties in connection with the Comprehensive Environmental Response Control and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA, also known as Superfund), the New Jersey Spill Compensation and Control Act (including claims for Natural Resource Damages (NRD)), the Clean Water Act and other laws developed by the state and federal government that are designed to protect our air, land and water.

We advocate for our clients in private party environmental and toxic tort litigation involving a variety of statutory and common law theories of liability for bodily injury, latent disease and property damage due to environmental contamination and workplace exposure to chemicals and contaminants. We have been involved in matters relating to injuries arising from exposure to asbestos, lead paint, workplace chemicals, pharmaceuticals and groundwater contamination from former fuel storage facilities and gasoline service stations, as well as claims by neighbors to landfills. We also have extensive experience in insurance coverage actions related to environmental and toxic exposure claims, which enables us to advise our clients regarding insurance issues related to environmental and toxic exposure claims.

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