Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which includes mediation and arbitration of disputes, has become a significant aspect of the legal environment. The DiFrancesco Bateman ADR practice, includes a number of attorneys who are experienced in providing mediation and arbitration services to parties in, or contemplating, litigation. Several of our attorneys are included on the roster of New Jersey Court-Approved Mediators, including some who are approved to serve as arbitrators by the American Arbitration Association. We have also been appointed by the New Jersey State and Federal Courts to serve as a Special Master to address discovery and fee application disputes.

Because of our ADR experience, we have successfully facilitated the resolution of disputes pertaining to contracts, commercial matters, bodily injury claims, property damage claims, environmental disputes, malpractice, construction (injury and defect) disputes, matrimonial disputes and insurance coverage disputes. We have also mediated employment discrimination and “whistleblower” claims. We have experience in the corporate, partnership and limited liability company area, resolving oppression and deadlock situations, including the dissolution of medical and dental practices. In these situations, we have also handled and conducted auctions for the sale of those practices and other businesses. Our knowledge of municipal law practice has assisted us as we have successfully mediated the denial of variances and municipal services. We also have substantial experience mediating will disputes, allegations of undue influence and contested guardianships.

Our years of experience as litigators and ADR practitioners enable us to effectively assist parties to reach amicable and cost-effective resolutions to matters in controversy.

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