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Governor Issues Executive Order Requiring Workforce and Workplace Covid-19 Protective Measures

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Governor Murphy recently issued Executive Order 192 in further response to rising Covid-19 cases in areas of New Jersey. The order, effective at 6:00am on Thursday, November 5, 2020, mandates the following for every business, non-profit, and governmental or educational entity that requires or permits its workforce to be physically present.

In all work spaces, social distancing must be observed. Where this is not possible, masks are required. Physical barriers between work stations are to be installed where possible.

Customers, visitors, and other individuals entering the worksite must wear a mask. Entry may be denied to any individual who refuse to wear a mask, unless doing so interferes with a legitimate disability. Employers may require medical documentation supporting this.

Employers are required to provide sanitization materials to employees and visitors at no cost. They must also ensure that employees practice hand hygiene and have sufficient time to do so in their workday. All high-touch areas are to be routinely sanitized in accordance with Department of Health and Center for Disease Control guidelines.

Daily health checks are to be conducted in the workplace. This includes temperature screenings, visual symptom checking, and self-assessment checklists and/or health questionnaires prior to each shift. Sick employees are to be excluded from the workplace, and applicable leave laws are to be followed.

All employees or visiting individuals must be promptly notified of any known exposure to COVID-19 at the worksite.

For a copy of the Executive Order or for any questions regarding employment related issues you may contact Richard P. Flaum, Esq., who chairs our employment practices department.

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