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Court Declares Surrogacy Agreement Void.

In A.G.R. v. D.R.H. ( also known as Robinson v. Hollingsworth), the Superior Court in Hudson County continued the long standing public policy in New Jersey of voiding surrogacy agreements. The New Jersey Supreme Court first established this policy

23 Year old child pursuing Master’s Degree – “not emancipated”

The New Jersey Appellate Division has recently upheld a trial court determination that a 23-year-old child was not emancipated and was entitled to contribution toward her education costs as well as continued child support. In Mulcahey v. Melici the Appellate…

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N.J. Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Grandparents Receiving Visitation Following Adoption by Family Members

In J.M.S. v. J.W., the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, recently concluded that the Adoption Act, does not bar grandparents from seeking visitation under the grandparent visitation statute. The trial court judge relied heavily on the case…