Superstorm Sandy Claim Recovery

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Superstorm Sandy came ashore near Atlantic City on October 29, 2012. The Superstorm Sandy Claim Recovery Practice Group at DiFrancesco Bateman was established for the specific purpose of providing advice to clients with respect to their flood and storm-related claims and advocating for recovery of losses. The Practice Group’s leader is a veteran litigator who has represented hundreds of clients affected by Hurricane Ike, and who has represented flood claim victims extensively.

Flood claims are enormously technical and frequently present complicated legal issues. They require the assistance of attorneys who concentrate in effectively handling and litigating such claims. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to properly review and evaluate Superstorm Sandy flood and storm damage claims, and to provide advice as to the claims process, determine the viability of any potential claim, and, if necessary, take legal action to advocate and secure the payments to which our clients are entitled.

Our team includes certified civil trial attorneys here in New Jersey and in Texas, as well as individuals with extensive experience in insurance coverage litigation, including policy interpretation and enforcement.

Superstorm Sandy was a disaster of staggering proportions. Our team understands that many home and business owners were significantly affected by the storm and the delays associated with the handling of their flood-related claims. Members of the practice group provide our clients the attention required to analyze any potential claim and, most importantly, provide advice and advocacy needed to effectively resolve these claims.

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