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The DiFrancesco Bateman Litigation Practice is built on a single principle: resolving disputes in the most effective manner. This may involve resolving a matter through trial, mediation, arbitration or face-to-face negotiation of a settlement. We vigorously advocate for our clients whether the matter is in the federal or state courts, before local boards and agencies, or in boardrooms and offices. We have the experience to provide sound advice on the merits of the case and the ability to lead a matter to successful conclusion.

In order to advocate from a position of strength, we treat every case from its inception as if it were going to trial. This includes developing the legal framework and the core themes for each case upon which the factual record can be built. Our goal is to develop a case to allow our client’s position to be presented in a simple, clear and compelling manner.

Finally, we provide our clients a practical and realistic assessment of the case to allow them to understand the costs, risks, exposure and potential rewards, so they can make an informed decision on the case strategy and plan.

DiFrancesco Bateman’s litigation team has experience spanning all aspects of our practice.