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Pompelio argues victim’s right to face defendant at sentencing.

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On April 29, 2013, Richard Pompelio, Esq., pro-bono victim’s rights attorney and of-counsel to the law firm argued a case of first impression before the New Jersey Supreme Court in State v Tedesco. Mr. Pompelio represented the family members of a young woman who was shot to death. After a jury trial, the perpetrator was found guilty of the homicide in Superior Court. The perpetrator, however, wished to not appear at his criminal sentencing. The argument before the Supreme Court centered on the right of the survivor of a murder victim to compel the convicted defendant to be present at his sentencing when the victim’s survivors deliver their impact statement to the court. Also before the Court was the defendant’s objection to the victim’s standing to file the motion to compel the defendant’s presence. The Court’s decision is expected within the next several months.This case will have a major impact on the rights of crime victims in New Jersey.

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