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Philadelphia Inquirer Quotes DB’s Ed Purcell Regarding Municipal Taxation of Telephone Carrier Infrastructure

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Ed PurcellFirm attorney, Edward Purcell, Esq., was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding an important tax court case that addressed municipal taxation of local telephone carrier infrastructure. The article can be found here. In Verizon New Jersey v. Borough of Hopewell, Judge Brennan determined that Verizon New Jersey had failed to demonstrate that it was providing less than 51% dial tone service in the Borough of Hopewell and, as a consequence, was subject to the state’s Business Personal Property Tax (“BPPT”) pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:4-1. The BPPT is a source of municipal revenue that, in the aggregate, equals hundreds of millions of dollars ever year in property taxpayer relief. This decision is a positive development for New Jersey municipalities.

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