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The Old Red Mill in Clinton

Too Many Appraisals, Too Little Credibility A Cautionary Tax Court Tale

The Tax Court in a recent unreported decision allowed evidence, including adjustments to comparable sales by a pro se taxpayer at trial. However, the case, Kula v. Township of Downe, provides a more important strategic lessons to municipal attorneys …

Firm obtains summary judgment for Township of Roxbury in Superfund case

Steven KunzmanFirm partner, Steven Kunzman, was successful in in having the claims brought against the Township of Roxbury dismissed in Strategic Environmental Partners, LLC v. State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, et. al. in the District Court of…


Edward PurcellEdward Purcell presented a seminar to the Somerset County Clerks’ Association on the issue of municipal licensing of peddlers, solicitors and canvassers. He spoke about the legal basis for municipal regulation; constitutional concerns which have developed and recent state legislative…

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Developers benefit from “Time of Application” law passed on May 5.

On May 5, 2010, Governor Christie signed into law P.L. 2010, Chapter 9, known as the “Time of Application” law, which protects the rights of a developer by requiring the municipality to apply the zoning in place when application is…

Municipal Law Review

Edward PurcellEdward Purcell has been appointed Associate Editor of the Municipal Law Review, a publication of the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys (NJILGA). Established in 1951 for the purpose of promoting education and professionalism among local government attorneys and…

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Hospitals’ Tax Status

Martin AllenMartin Allen, head of the firm’s Real Property Tax Appeals Department, was quoted in a recent article in the NJ Law Journal entitled “Battle Over Hospitals’ Tax Status Heats Up.”


As speculation…

Special Improvement Districts (SIDs)

Edward PurcellEdward Purcell represented the New Jersey State League of Municipalities (NJLM) and the Institute of Local Government Attorneys (ILGA) as amici curiae (which means “friend of the court”) in a matter entitled Friends of Rahway Business, L.L.C. v. Rahway Municipal

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In a decision unifying the approach to what are referred to as “petition clause” cases, The United States Supreme Court reversed a Third Circuit decision upholding a jury verdict in favor of a public employee. In Borough of Duryea v.

Semi Private Golf Course Assessment is Affirmed by Tax Court

In an recently reported decision the Tax Court affirmed the assessment of a semi private golf course in Gale & Kitson Fredon Golf v Township of Fredon.
Fredon Township conducted a revaluation and the owners of the golf course …

Use of Email, Wireless Facilities

Edward PurcellEdward Purcell presented a seminar to the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers on April 5, 2017 regarding issues related to wireless facilities in the municipal right-of-way. Edward also published an article in the newsletter of the Municipal Clerks Association…

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